Physical Characteristics

Chelly Best of BreedNewfoundlands are sweet-dispositioned dogs and devoted companions. Their webbed feet and water-resistant coats contribute to their impression swimming abilities. Newfs are large, heavily coated, well balanced dogs. Males generally weigh 130–150 lbs and females typically weigh 100–120 lbs. The average height for adult dogs is 28 inches for males and 26 inches for females. Most Newfies are black, but other varieties include brown, gray (rare), Irish Spotted (black with white markings), and Landseer (black head, white body with black markings).

According to the official American Kennel Club breed description:
“Sweetness of temperament is the hallmark of the Newfoundland; this is the most important single characteristic of the breed.”

Health Issues

Health problems associated with Newfoundlands, include Hip Dysplasia (a malformed ball and socket in the hip joint), Elbow dysplasia, sub-aortic stenosis (a heart condition) and cystinuria (a hereditary defect that forms calculi stones in the bladder).

Prior to breeding, all Newfoundlands should be tested for good hearts by a cardiologist, cystinuria (a blood test), good hip, elbow & patella x-rays (results can be found by accessing OFA website or OVC website in Canada), and CERF (to check for any eye disorders or abnormalities). As breeders, we welcome our puppy buyers to ask us for these certifications!! As reputable breeders, we can offer proof of these clearances.

For more information about Newfoundlands, check out American Kennel Club: Newfoundlands.